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What do you think? Is a crate a godsend or a punishment for a dog?

No matter how strong you want this, but you can’t always be around your lovely pet.

Someday you will have to leave it home alone. And what a surprise it would be for you, as you come back home, to see that your pup decided to clean the place up a little. Surely, your first reaction would be to punish him. During this educational process, you notice that the little one hung its ears and dropped its eyes in fault… and you think that your actions turned the trick. But no, you’re wrong.

The dog is an associated animal. It can’t connect something that happened before with your current actions. It reacts here and now. And what does the dog see? The beloved master finally came back but suddenly he starts to punish me. What am doing wrong?

That’s why the best solution is not to punish your dog, but don’t let it create the mess in the first place.

All dogs inherently have this „lair instinct“. If you don’t give the dog its own place, it will find it anyway: under the bad or under the table, whenever you can’t get to it. And it will drag there all its toys and treats. So one of the advantages of the crate is that you can check your dog’s sleeping place from outside.

Also, the kids often know no limits when it comes to playing with a dog – so they can’t tell when the dog needs a rest. It can be very stressful for a little puppy, which can even lead to a breakdown and consequently to health problems.

One more good thing is that the crate can be very helpful during dog transportation or moving.