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Now that you´ve already decided if you need a dog crate in your house, we can move to your second step.

For starters, let´s pick out a dog crate or a cage. Yes – there are many of them. But we´re not going to go into details, instead, we´re just going to look at the most important criteria of choosing a dog crate.

  • Choose crates of high quality. It has to protect a dog from external effects and inside from a dog´s own actions.
  • It has to be made only with high-quality materials.
  • It should be robust and steady.
  • The dog shouldn’t feel tight or uncomfortable in there.
  • The dog should be able to see everything on the outside. This way it will feel safer. And fresh air circulation is also important.
  • It should be easy to clean and fold down the crate.
  • And, of course, the size of the crate. Your dog has to be able to turn around in there. And make sure that the crate fits the designated area.

Important to know: according to international air transportation rules, you will need the crate with a special lock – сertificated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). You won‘t be able to pass the security control in the airport with the ordinary crate that has a metallic door (without IATA lock).

Like with any other activity – the one thing that you shouldn’t do during crate training is rushing. Sure you can try to put your dog in the crate and lock the door. But you can predict the consequences of this „will gesture“ of dog´s master. The act like this can discourage the pet from sitting in the crate and – in the worst case – you can lose your dog´s trust.

Now we finally managed to pick out and buy the long-looked-for cage (or crate). You set it up and put it in the right place…and the dog won’t go in there. It walks around and smells it, but don’t want to go inside. And if it does go inside – it runs out the crate after a minute. So what can you do about that?

First of all, don’t be upset. The feeling of danger for the dog is normal. No, not like that. It is – NORMAL (within reasonable limits, of course).

Cover the cage with a blanket or a rug on 3 sides. The door has to be open. You can put a toy or even some treats inside.

The next step is – to forget that you have the cage. Like, AT ALL. The dog will come up with its own way to „make friends“ with this suddenly appeared construction.

With the transporting crate, we will go another way. If it´s possible you can take away the top and just leave the tray. You can put a blanket in there, so it will be soft for your dog to lay or sleep in there.

After some time – when the dog got used to lay in the tray – you can put back the top of the crate. It´s better to do this when the dog is not there – otherwise you can scare your pet and ruin the crate training.

The good way to show the dog that the crate isn´t scary is to feed it there or to put its favorite toys and treats inside.


                                              We wish you and your pets good health and a lot of happiness.

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