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A toy for a young dog is not just entertainment, but also a way to experience the world, to develop first skills that will be useful in the future. A game will prepare pups for adult life, hunting and defending themselves, as well as their territory.

Why do you need toys?

  1. Toys will help a puppy not to get bored in your absence.
  2. During a game, the puppy will expend his endless energy.
  3. A toy will save your pup´s teeth. Also, it will keep the little toothy monster away from your furniture.
  4. A game will help the owner to connect with his dog.
  5. The toys are often used in dog training.

These are some rules that you should stick to when you´re picking a dog toy:

  • Buy only specialized dog toys – that means the toys should be purposed only for dogs.
  • Don´t let the dog play with your children´s toys. Little parts or stuffing can accidentally get into the dog´s gullet that can cause unfortunate consequences.

So now let´s get to the review of your puppy´s possible arsenal.

  • Rope toys. Irreplaceable thing. This will save your feet during puppy´s teething phase. With a rope, the puppy will be able to imitate a fight with his catch. Besides, soft fibers won´t hurt the puppy´s teeth.

N.B.: don´t play tug games during the teething phase! This can deform the pup´s bite.

  • Ball. There is nothing better than running prey.
  • Soft toys. When you´re picking out a soft toy, you should think about the strength of your dog´s jaws. If the dog can easily rip apart the material and draw out the stuffing – you may consider buying another toy.
  • Squeakers. This toy may have only one flaw – squeaking in the middle of the night:)
  • Frisbee.  This goes for more older dogs. But you should understand if your dog actually likes the process of catching something and bringing it back to you. Quite often dogs like just running after the catch. In that case, you´re gonna get back your frisbee by yourselves:)
  • Puller. These are interactive tools. Pullers are great for training and sharpening up the dog´s skills. They are also good for the dog´s physical training.